Another story about Kim Seon-ho’s good personality, “He persuaded his company to appear in Park Hye-kyung’s MV without getting paid.”

“I’m still feeling grateful to Kim Seon-ho for persuading his company to allow his appearance in the music video without receiving any payment although I’m not close to him.”

While the public’s opinion on Kim Seon-ho’s ‘private life’ controversy is reviving positively, stories about his good personality have been revealed one after another.

Producer A, who introduced himself as the producer of Park Hye-kyung’s comeback song posted on his Instagram account on November 5th, saying, “I’m writing this article to tell a story about Kim Seon-ho. Personally, I remembered him as a person whom I felt thankful to and considered a great person. Therefore, I promise that I’m only writing true stories that I’ve experienced myself.”

A explained, “When I was in charge of Park Hye-kyung’s comeback song, I recommended Kim Seon-ho for the male lead role in the title song’s music video. At that time, Kim Seon-ho was being active as a regular member on “2 Days 1 Night” and also starring in several dramas and advertisements.”

Kim Seon-ho

He then said, “Since he was recognized and famous at the time, the casting fee was considerable. The company asked for the right amount (not a large amount) for his popularity,” he said, “However, I have to reduce production costs because I was in charge of production. I knew it was too much to ask, but I asked the person in charge for a compromise anyway and the person in charge awkwardly answered that it was difficult.” He also added, “He said he would consult with Kim Seon-ho and gave me his contact, but I didn’t expect much because I thought he was just being polite.”

Kim Seon-ho

However, “After less than a day, the team leader in charge told me that Kim Seon-ho thanked us for considering him, and furthermore, he thought it would be an honor to appear in a senior’s comeback work,’ A said, adding, ‘I was so grateful for this, and for Kim Seon-ho‘s kindness for persuading his company.”

More explanations were also added. A said, “Actors usually only act without getting paid if they are close (to the artist), but the artist was not close to (Kim Seon-ho) at all, and my meeting with Kim Seon-ho’s company was our first face-to-face meeting as well”. He also explained, “Nevertheless, he thanked us for asking, and said he would appear in our production after adjusting his schedules.” 

Kim Seon-ho

A said, “I was so grateful for him to agree to act without getting paid, so I wanted to give him more fees. However, while we were confirming and proceeding with his appearance in the MV, the title song changed and the content was revised, so his appearance was eventually canceled. Personally I think it was such a bummer,” he said, revealing the results.

A said with appreciation, “I still clearly remember what the person in charge said that . ‘Seon-ho has persuaded us. Seon-ho said that regardless of the appearance fee, he’s grateful to those who have looked for him. You don’t have to pay anything. Let’s discuss the filming schedule,’ he said to me.”

Kim Seon-ho

“He agreed to appear in a music video shoot where he had to shoot the same scene dozens of times, devoting his energy and time, without demanding any payment. I’m so grateful for what he did. Although he may not see this article, I once again thanked Kim Seon-ho for what he had done for me,” A said about Kim Seon-ho.

Finally, A said, “I was reading the articles about his recent issues while writing about how I felt about him, how good-willed he was at that time.  Fortunately, the public seems to be changing their minds. Even someone who is not close to him, like me, is happy for him. I look forward to and support Kim Seon-ho’s active activities in the future.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho suffered the biggest ordeal in his actor’s life last month due to his ex-girlfriend’s revealing his use of marriage pretense to force an abortion, but later took a new turn as more undisclosed details were revealed. Kim Seon-ho’s fellow actors, staff, and alumni continued to post articles to protect him, while his advertisements, as well as movie casting calls, are returning to him.


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