Another Kim Seon-ho’s college alumni refute the post about the actor’s “womanizer and violence tendency”

This person argued that the personality exposed posted by the person who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s college alumni is false. 

On Nate pann bulletin board on Oct 22nd, an article was posted under the title “Kim Seon-ho’s personality controversy. The one who wrote that college alumni post, please read this.”

The writer, who claims to be in the same major as Kim Seon-ho, said, “It is true that it is so unfortunate and difficult for us to see this incident. I might have been the first person to speak up about his personality.”

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OP said, “First of all, from what I see in that article, are you sure we graduated from the same university? Regardless of everything else, I had wanted to voice out about his personality but I held back because I was worried that this might harm Seon-ho even more. However, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I wrote this. The Kim Seon-ho I know is a very polite and timid friend, to such an extent that I was relieved he didn’t get beaten up by someone. You said that you had had to stop him from starting a fist fight because he was furious? I wonder if we are really from the same school,”, questioning the allegations of a self-claimed Kim Seon-ho’s college alumni who previously posted a message exposing Kim Seon-ho’s personality.

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The writer said, “If there was a problem with Seon-ho’s private lifestyle enough to use the word ‘womanizer’, how could we not know about that when we have been friends with him for 16 years?” and added, “There were many gatherings in the university society due to the nature of the department. The shy and introverted Seon-ho was just a friend who constantly tried to get along well with his friends, seniors, and juniors,” they claimed.

This person wrote, “Of all things, I can’t bear seeing people who called themselves his same-year alumni friends fake stories about him. Those who were really from Class ‘05 of the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department, including me and some close friends, were really worried and wondered if everything was true and how Seon-ho got involved in such problems related to his personality. Don’t try to become his enemy by pretending to be his acquaintance.”

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After expressing that they have never seen anyone who is as polite and nice as Kim Seon-ho, they continued to share, “I only want to correct the wrong part about his personality, which made me frustrated the most. He didn’t lie to anyone about his image. He still has the same image as what I saw in him before. That’s why I feel more disappointed about this incident.”

The writer emphasized, “I can’t stand seeing Kim Seon-ho be criticized for his personality.” and complained, “I only want to talk about the part related to personality, not the nature of the case. So please don’t write articles about my silly friend who doesn’t like to bother others and can’t even hate anyone in such provocative ways”. They also said, “I hope he will take time reflecting on himself, regretting and looking back on the past then come back with the appearance of the Kim Seon-ho he used to be.” The writer also attached a photo taken with Kim Seon-ho to prove the credibility of their words. They said, “I’m really close to him, enough to call each other by our real name, so please trust me.”

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Earlier, an article titled “I’m an alumni at actor K’s university” was posted on Nate Pann, trying to disclose Kim Seon-ho’s personality. This netizen, who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s university alumnus, shared, “His personality problems have finally exploded these days. Why is his true character only exposed now? Hearing these kinds of doubt makes me feel light-hearted.”

OP also claimed that Kim Seon-ho is totally different from his honest and kind image. He liked alcohol, clubbing and had many experiences with women during university days. OP revealed that he often lost his temper due to his egoistic personality, cursed at the peers who did not agree with him and tried to punch them. Sometimes OP had to stop him from fighting. OP added, “I felt that Kim Seon-ho wasn’t a good person from the very beginning. What you see is not everything. Don’t be fooled by the nice and friendly image of actor K.” Besides, this person attached a Seoul Institute of the Arts graduation album for proof at the request of other netizens.

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However, the graduation album cover posted by OP had a different color and design from the actual graduation album cover of Seoul Institute of Arts. In response, Kim Seon-ho’s classmates came forward. One person posted the graduation album in the post as proof and said, “Kim Seon-ho is a friend who always smiled kindly. I don’t remember him getting angry or cursing when we went to the same school. After the incident occurred, everyone in the group chat where classmates gathered constantly agreed that Seon-ho was kind.” Another one also refuted, “He was a really good-looking friend. I only heard people talk about him that he was nice and pure. The Seon-ho we know is not the same as what you said in this post.” 

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