Another girl group about to debut in November makes Knet go crazy: ‘They look prettier than SM’s aespa.’

This girl group catches the eye of Knet because of the bright, beautiful visuals, and they will also debut in November 2020.

Besides the comebacks in November, netizens are also focusing their attention on the rookie groups of Kpop that will debut at that time. Currently, the hottest name is still SM Entertainment’s new girl group, aespa. However, aespa still received mixed opinions. Since then, Knet has started to pay attention to another girl group that will also debut in the same month, STAYC.

STAYC) is an upcoming six-member girl group under Highup Entertainment. The group’s name stands for ‘Star To A Young Culture.’ The group’s first album will be released on November 12 with the title track ‘So Bad.’ The group is currently gradually releasing concept images, teaser videos and introducing the members from October 26 to October 29.

Although coming from a small company, the launch of STAYC is waiting eagerly by many netizens. The reason is that through the videos or images, many people have to admire the visuals of the six members – each of them has a different look and charm.

Let’s take a look at each member’s brief introduction!


Real name: Bae Sumin

Year of birth: 2001

More information: Sumin participated in Produce 48 and K-pop Star audition. She also appeared in singer Huk Gak’s music video. Sumin is the leader of STAYC.


Real name: Park Sieun

Year of birth: 2001

More information: Sieun is the Daughter of actor Park Namjung. She used to a child actress and trainee under JYP Entertainment.


Real name: Lee Chaeyoung

Year of birth: 2002

More information: ISA was the first to join Highup Entertainment among the STAYC members.


Real name: Yoon Seeun

Year of birth: 2003

More information: Seeun used to be the trainee of a Play M’s group (Apink’s company), Play M Girls. However, after that, she was unable to debut with Weeekly.


Real name: Shin Jayoon

Year of birth: 2004

More information: Yoon is the tallest member of the group.


Real name: Jang Yeeun

Year of birth: 2004

More information: She is the maknae of STAYC.

Since they will also debut at the same time with SM Entertainment’s aespa, it’s easy to understand when Knet compared the two groups. Although aespa has only revealed Winter, other trainees like Yoo Jimin, Ning Ning, or Helen are not appreciated by Knet.
On the contrary, despite coming from a small company, STAYC’s members have a bright, actor-like appearance. STAYC’s girls are also said to have a different charisma and not look like other girl groups in Kpop. Knet thinks that if the group’s upcoming song is catchy, they will become a highly anticipated new girl group.


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