Announcing SNSD’s comeback, SM sees their shares reach the highest value in 2018

The fact that SNSD will debut a new sub-unit helped SM’s shares see the most noticeable change from the beginning of 2018

On August 27th, SM released the first teaser photo for the second sub-unit of SNSD, named Oh!GG, with the remaining five members, who were still under SM’s management. Besides, the title track and the date on which group would make an official debut were revealed as well. Oh!GG will take part in the K-pop race with “Lil’ Touch” on September 5th. The fact that a sub-unit of a top girlgroup would debut in September made the public excited and look forward to. In addition, this also attracted more attention from SM’s investors, proved by the evidence that SM’s shares have risen sharply on the stock market.

The teaser photo for Oh!GG’s debut on September 5th

After SNSD‘s comeback was announced, SM‘s shares hit 49,400 won (about $44). It can be said that this is the highest value that SM’s shares have achieved on the stock market since the beginning of 2018. Besides, the shares of this company remained quite stable few days ago. This proves that SNSD still has high brand index in investors’ eyes, though their recent comeback with the album “Holiday Night” seemed not to be successful.

SM’s shares have reached the highest value since the beginning of 2018
The shares of this company remained quite stable 5 days ago. They even reduced to 44.000 won (about $39)

This made SNSD’s fans extremely happy because it was expected that SM would realize the brand value that the girl group still could set for the company. Therefore, Oh!GG’s promotion will be well invested and prepared more carefully for their upcoming debut. Oh!GG will officially release “Lil’ Touch” in less than 10 days, 2 days after NCT’s comeback.

Source: Kenh14

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