An SM male idol suddenly “fainted” on stage

A member of the SM boyband acted suspiciously on stage during their most recent performance.

NCT Dream performed on the Inkigayo music stage on May 23 to promote their new single “Hot Sauce.” This song helped the group win the fourth trophy during the show. NCT Dream not only won the award, but they also put on a great performance with a funny “highlight” at the end of the show.

Jeno had just finished the performance when he suddenly “fainted”, then lay down on the stage.

The truth is, while preparing to pose for the ending, Chenle was chosen to do the “fairy ending”.  Realizing that his standing position was covering Chenle’s body, Jeno quickly reacted by slowly lowering himself and sprawled on the floor.  Jeno’s humorous action made Chenle unable to hold back his laughter and suddenly had a very cute ending with a bright smile.

The station also immediately used a picture of Jeno lying down on the stage to make a thumbnail of NCT Dream’s performance stage.

NCT Dream is in the process of promoting a new song called “Hot Sauce”.  This is the group’s first full comeback with a 7-member lineup after nearly 3 years.  And Hot Sauce quickly brought NCT Dream many impressive achievements in terms of album sales, YouTube views, and digital music.  The song has also helped the SM boygroup win 4 music trophies in a short period of time.

Source: SBS

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