An online lecturer exposed the true face of a Hallyu star, “Her husband was about to hit me”

As an online lecturer recently revealed the bad personality of a Hallyu star actress, netizens are curious about her identity.

A short video titled “The story about meeting a bad actress” was recently uploaded on the official channel of the online tutor platform “Etoos”.

In the video, lecturer A said, “I encountered a Hallyu star at an ice cream store. Perhaps everyone in our country would know who she is if they hear the name”.

According to lecturer A, the mentioned actress was eating ice cream in front of a display stand. A thought the actress had already finished paying for her ice cream so she also came to order hers. 

ice cream

Then, the actress suddenly scolded the ice cream store’s part-timer, saying “Do your job properly”. She then pointed to lecturer A and said, “You didn’t see this woman cut in line?”.

The actress’s husband, who was watching the situation from afar, approached them. A expected him to stop the actress, but he asked “This woman?” and was about to hit A. 

studio come on

In response to the story, Internet users poured out criticism, saying “Who’s that Hallyu star?”, “That Hallyu star even has a husband so I don’t think she’s young”, “They must have thought that they are noble and can abuse power as a celebrity”, “I want to know who she is”, “Her personality is so bad”, etc. 

Source: nate

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