An old gif of Red Velvet caused rumors about the group’s personality

While G-Friend bowed about 10 times to Wanna One, Red Velvet seemed to ignore the top boy group.

A moment of G-Friend and Red Velvet in Melon Music Awards 2017 has recently become the talk of the town again. In the gif posted by a netizen, when Wanna One walked by G-Friend to get back to their seats, the Source Music girl group stood up and bowed to them politely. Member Eunha even bowed about 10 times despite being Wanna One’s senior.

G-Friend’s action reportedly received many compliments from K-netizens, “This is crazy, the girl on the right bowed for exact 10 times. She might have even bowed more if she hadn’t had been told to sit down by the staff,” “That’s why we call her bowing Eunha?” “They are polite even to their juniors? So impressive,” etc.

However, Red Velvet are thought to have acted completely different from G-Friend. The SM girls seem to have ignored the boy group and stayed in their seats. Even when Wanna One came close to them, Red Velvet didn’t have any reactions and only focus on the performance on stage.

“Why didn’t they bow? Did they think they are IU or something?” “I’m wondering why they didn’t bow,” etc.

However, there are also many people asumming that the female group didn’t see Wanna One passing by because they were going behind them. Furthermore, it’s not neccessary for an older group like Red Velvet to bow to their juniors.

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