An NCT member is forcefully kissed by a fan on broadcast which infuriates fan community

In a show called “Despierta America”, the MC has forced a female fan to kiss Taeyong. This member of NCT was very shocked after being kissed right on air.

Followed the incident where they were mistaken to be BTS, NCT’s fandom is upset once again with all the incidents they have to endure during their promotion time in America. The most recent one is even seen as a mild sexual harrassment case on broadcast.

Specifically, during the show “Despierta America”, leader Taeyong was kissed against his will. The Latino MC has tried to make a female fan kissed him.

This male MC even pushed this fan and forced her to approach her idol even though she has expressed that she didn’t want to. After that, the girl unwillingly kissed Taeyong on the cheek after the MC kept on pushing her. Taeyong was quite surprised and shocked after he received the kiss.

A cut from the show immediately spread on SNS and many fans are upset. Many are accusing that the MC’s action has made both Taeyong and the fangirl uncomfortable, even shy and they couldn’t communicate with each other.

Apart from the criticism and bashing comments, some raised the opinion that the male MC doesn’t deserve all these negative opinion. According to the Latino tradition, kissing on the cheek is a way to greet each other. This is seen as a polite action and doesn’t hold any sexual harrassment meaning in Latin American country.

Also, at a different camera angle, the girl didn’t make Taeyong uncomfortable with her action. She only pretend to kiss him on the cheek without touching him.

However, NCT’s fans are still very angry about this incident where the MC pushed Taeyong into a very uncomfortable situation. This matter is still a very hot debate online, especially on Twitter which most international fans are using to follow their idols.

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