An eliminated contestant reveals shocking truths about Girls Planet 999’s filming and living conditions

Everything that was revealed completely went against what Mnet promised before the show took place. 

Before the reality show “Girls Planet 999” hit the scene, there were many concerns about whether Mnet would repeat the mistakes of previous shows like “Produce101” or “Idol School.”

To convince the audience, Mnet publicly assured that “Girls Planet 999” will take special measures to protect the mental and physical health of all contestants. As such, in a press conference for Girls Planet 999, PD Kim Shin Young insisted, “The physical and mental health of the participants are being prioritized.” 

liang qiao girls planet 999

The producer went on to list the measures they would take, including assigning as few contestants as possible to each dorm, hiring nutritionists, providing child and adolescent psychiatrists, hiring security, and providing interpreters on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the Japanese and Chinese contestants.

However, recently, Liang Qiao, an eliminated contestant, made shocking revelations about the truth of Girls Planet 999.

Liang Qiao joined Girls Planet 999 as a member of the C-Pop group with her identical twin sister, Liang Jiao. However, Liang Qiao had to leave in the first elimination round.  Liang Jiao was also eliminated in the 2nd round.

When appearing on Pocket48 after being eliminated, Liang Qiao revealed that during the filming in Korea, she could not understand or read even a single word of Korean.  Understandably, she shared that the experience felt “really, really scary.”

“When I was in Korea, I couldn’t understand or read a single word of Korean. It was scary. You know, my cell also had one Japanese and one Korean. We lived together and had to communicate with each other, but we couldn’t talk at all.

I asked the production team if I could use a dictionary or an interpreter because at that time my sister had already taken the dictionary away.  But the camera crew said, “No! We want to see you communicate without assistance.”  I was very upset because I could only communicate with body language.”

liang qiao girls planet 999

During the warm-up round called Planet Demo, 99 contestants were divided into 32 groups to show off their skills to the Masters. Jiao Qiao performed the song “Hmph!”  of WJSN-Chocome with her sister, and she had to confess: “The filming for Planet Demo was really special”.

“We did the filming for 40 hours straight for the demo stages. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t sleep for so many hours. After it ended, I thought I would never want to stay up late.

At that time, I was so tired that I just wanted to take off my contact lenses.  Our stage was nearing the end.  My voice was hoarse and I had to take about 10 sore throat pills.”

Liang Qiao went on to say that the Planet Demo filming wasn’t even the “peak” of it all. The activity became even more difficult when the Girls Planet 999 contestants recorded their renditions of the show’s theme song, “O.O.O.” Liang Qiao further said that after shooting Planet Demo stages for about a day and a half, “the shoot for our theme song lasted three days”—and they only got one hour of sleep each day.

Jiang Qiao’s revelations sparked a wave of outrage directed at Mnet.  Mnet has completely broken its promise.  The girls on the show are also too young, some are only 14 or 15 years old, so it is unacceptable for Mnet to not guarantee living conditions for them.

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