An American producer explains why the audience doesn’t like NCT 127’s music

Singer and producer Kenneth Takanami said that the flute in the accompaniment is what makes NCT 127’s Sticker so hard to listen.

On September 17, NCT 127 – NCT’s main subgroup – released a new MV called ‘Sticker’. The song met with mixed reviews, even many of the group’s fans were not satisfied with the quality of the song.

Explaining the cause of mixed opinions about ‘Sticker’, singer and producer Kenneth Takanami commented that the flute was the part that caused the song to be hard to hear. Many viewers thought that this part of the sound was too harsh and hard to listen.

Kenneth Takanami nct 127

In the video posted on his Twitter (now deleted), Kenneth Takanami gives a number of reasons why many viewers do not like ‘Sticker’, the first reason being a problem related to the mixing process.

Kenneth Takanami nct 127

“Because the flute in the mix was too close to the singer’s vocals, this resulted in the audience not being able to hear both sounds clearly. In addition, the flute was distorted, including more sound frequency that is too harsh for the listener’s ear, which can be too strong for a start,” commented Kennet Takanami.

Second, Takanami thinks that the problem lies in the arrangement of parts in the song. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to dub the flute into the vocals, but the flute can match the bass beat.

Kenneth Takanami nct 127

Accordingly, the beat of the song ‘Sticker’ is divided into 8 clear parts, with separate parts using flute and bass. “Because each type of sound effect is kept to a minimum, they work better together, not necessarily separately,” added the American producer.

Takanami thinks that the song, or specifically the production crew, has lost its way while trying to create and innovate for NCT’s music.

The producer commented, “It was their way of choosing a song with a lot of jarring parts and lack of melodiousness. Personally, I was hoping they would come up with some sort of solution, but in the end, the song was just plain and simply vicious, lingering in a kind of drop”.

Kenneth Takanami nct 127

Assuming that the song ‘Sticker’ can be edited, Kenneth Takanami said that he likes the vocals of the members, so to avoid this part being affected, Takanami will remove the flute from the vocals, or limit it as much as possible.

“I think the worst thing they do is use the flute to distract the listener from the beautiful voices,” Kenneth Takanami shared.

Kenneth Takanami is a Japanese-American singer and producer. He has released a number of albums and singles such as ‘New Moon Phase’, ‘Close To Me’, ‘You Caught the Butterflies in My Stomach’…

The song ‘Sticker’ is the title song of NCT 127’s latest album. The album helps the group become the artist with the highest number of pre-orders in SM Entertainment history with 2.1 million albums.

Source: Zing

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