An American DJ is “attacked” for being racist to Jennie (BLACKPINK) and her disrespectful apology

The apology from the DJ is said to be full of discrimination and sarcasm for BLACKPINK.

Since last night, the international netizens have been uneasy about a clip of an American DJ named Sophia Valentini. In the video, Sophia was dancing to the song “Kill this love” by BLACKPINK while eating noodles and deliberately created Jennie’s slanted eyes in a very disrespectful attitude.

The DJ also asked if she could be a new member of BLACKPINK. However, the Blinks and Kpop fans are extremely angry at this racist, disgusting and offensive action of her. Many fans “attacked” Sophia Valentini’s Instagram with a lot of comments: “This is so racist,” “This ain’t cute or funny,” “Everything was ‘ok’ until you decided to stretch your damn eyes,” “are you on drugs or what?? this is so racist.”

The female DJ deliberately imitated Jennie’s eyes and was harshly criticized

Everything doesn’t stop there, on the evening of May 22, the female DJ uploaded a picture to Instagram to apologize after the scandal. However, Sophia Valentini’s apology made the public even angrier because it had nothing to do with imitating Jennie (BLACKPINK) but only focused on… the dry noodles on the plate, her boobs and the remix version of “Kill this love. According to the fans, Sophia is deliberately pretending to be innocent to provoke the Blinks community and mocked that BLACKPINK’s music is not good enough through this “fake apology”:

We don’t want two racist videos we want zero and the fact you didn’t even apologize for pulling your eyes back which is the MOST OVERDONE racist thing done to Asians“, “This doesn’t even sound like an apology.. it seems super sarcastic and really racist. it’s not even funny at all, you’re just being very rude and offensive” the fans left comments under Sophia’s apology.

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