An actress’s reaction when BTS Jimin couldn’t recall her name

Actor So Yu-jin said “It’s okay” to BTS Jimin who couldn’t get her name right.

Today (May 5) Korean actress So Yu-jin shared photos on SNS with the caption: “It’s okay!!! You don’t need to know me, I know you♡”.

The photo released along with this is a capture of “RUN BTS!“, which shows Jimin embarrassed after failing to guess So Yu-jin’s name while BTS was playing a character quiz game.

Jimin said, “Seam!  It’s not what you think,” he said then drew a heart over his head and expressed his regret.  So, So Yu-jin says, “It’s okay,” and she says that he doesn’t have to know her. 

Actress So Yu-jin married Baek Jong-won, a culinary researcher and businessman, in 2013 and has one son and two daughters. 

Source: Twitter, Nate

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