An actress who will starve herself whenever she weighs over 50kg

Actress Lee Da-hee once revealed that she wouldn’t eat anything if her weight exceeded 50kg.

Participating in an entertainment show in the past, Lee Da-hee was hesitant to reveal her height and asked, “Just make it 174cm”. Lee Da-hee said, “I’m quite tall so if I gain weight… My shoulders will look too big if I gain weight”, adding, “That’s why I always have to diet”.

Lee Da-hee

The actress added, “There is an obvious difference between when I gain weight and when I lose weight. Many people also told me to take plastic surgery. I have to lose a lot of weight in order to look skinny”, adding, “So I think I have to diet all the time.”

Lee Da-hee

Lee Da-hee surprised everyone by saying, “I’m already tall so if I gain weight, I will look too big. That’s why when I gain weight, I don’t eat anything.”

Lee Da-hee

At a press conference, Lee Da-hee once confessed, “I’m currently 176cm tall, and I weigh 49kg. If the number exceeds 50kg, I won’t eat anything”, adding, “When I gain weight, my face will swell up first. And it will look like it’s going to explode when I appear on the TV”.

Lee Da-hee

Lee Da-hee, who said she went on a diet just because she hated doing exercises during her debut days, now revealed that she has started working out these days. “My life’s strength, yoga”, she said.

Lee Da-hee

Lee Da-hee once posted several photos on her Instagram and wrote, “After finishing all schedules, I turned to find my life’s strength with an exhausted body. My body was shaking for a while but this was an excellent choice. Thank you so much for making my day. #I’maddicted”.

Lee Da-hee

The released pictures drew keen attention as they showed Lee Da-hee concentrating on doing flying yoga. At one filming site, Lee Da-hee also showed off her healthy appearance with 11 line abs. 

Meanwhile, the actress is planning to make her comeback with drama “Ireland”.


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