An actress who makes everyone jealous because she would look prettier when gaining weight

Netizens recently brought up Shin Min-ah’s past photos and praised her cute chubby face back then.

Past photos of actress Shin Min-ah’s chubby appearance during her debut days are receiving enthusiastic responses from netizens.

Shin Min-ah past photos

These photos were taken at the press conference of KBS’s drama “The Devil” which aired in 2007. In these pictures, as Shin Min-ah gained weight, her cheeks got chubbier.

Shin Min-ah past photos

This might be a “dark history” to many people, but Shin Min-ah’s chubby appearance attracted keen attention and netizens are pouring out ‘unusual’ reactions, such as “She’s so cute”, “As expected, she is the most lovely person”

Shin Min-ah past photos

Shin Min-ah received huge love from the public for her unchanging loveliness when acting in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, which recently became a hit drama. In addition, she has been publicly dating actor Kim Woo-bin for 6 years.

Shin Min-ah past photos


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