An actress who cried during her first stage greeting after working part-time at a movie theater for 3 years

Actress Won Jin-ah revealed her anecdote of working part-time at a movie theater for 3 years before her debut.

Ji Chang-wook Won Jin-ah

Won Jin-ah appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown” on Dec 22nd.

On this day, she shared, “I participated in a stage greeting for the first time during the movie ‘Money’. I burst into tears when thinking to myself ‘I was dreaming of becoming an actress only a couple of years ago’.”

She continued, “I worked part-time at a movie theater for 3 years. I filmed an advertisement before my debut, and there was a time when a familiar sound came out while accepting guests. I looked inside the movie theater then realized this sound was from the advertisement I had filmed.”

SBS Power FM 'Park Ha-sun's Cinetown'

Meanwhile, the movie “Happy New Year” starring Won Jin-ah depicts the story of clients who visit the hotel “Emross” with their own stories as they make their own relations in their own style. It will be released on Dec 29th.

Won Jin-ah Kim Rae-won
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