An A-list actor once lost $200 on adult films in his hotel room, was it really just an accident?

 The story of this A-list actor, though happened a long time ago, still makes netizens laugh after being “brought back”.

 Lee Seung Gi is considered the “national son in-law” in Korea thanks to his handsome visual and flawless personality, a “clean” career without a scandal.  However, the actor once admitted on a TV show that he was charged up to 200 dollars for adult films in a hotel in front of staff. This story, though not new, still makes people laugh when it is brought back by netizens.

 According to the actor’s explanation, this was just an unintended “accident”. When he appeared on Knowing Brothers, Lee Seung Gi told the embarrassing story during the early days of his acting career.  At that time Lee Seung Gi was at a resort while filming overseas, Lee Seung Gi’s room was fully equipped with everything from air conditioning to television. Because he was bored, Yoona’s ex-boyfriend decided to turn on the TV to watch, and then he discovered that the TV has a series of 18+ entertainment programs.

 Lee Seungi said, “I turned on the TV and it gave me two columns of channels. One was in white and the other was in red. Then I chose the red channels. But shouldn’t it have asked me if I wanted to watch such programs? It didn’t even ask for my permission to access these channels! ”.

 After going through all the adult channels, the actor turned off yet was not expecting to pay 200 dollars for this service.  According to Seung Gi, he confidently told the hotel staff that he did not need to pay anything other than the room fee.  It was not until the actor went to the hotel lobby, saw the writer sign the receipts and give him weird stares, that he knew something was wrong.

 The main writer even called to ask how many channels Lee Seung Gi had watched. This made the actor feel embarrassed for a long time. In particular, at the time of the incident, he was still a rookie actor.

 Although many years have passed, this story is still “dug up” sometimes.  Besides the humorous comments, there are also some people doubting whether he really just “accidentally” watched the adult films as told or not.’

Sources: Koreaboo

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