Amid Yang Hyunsuk’s allegation, his club is exposed of serving drug and prostitution for 1 million won per case

Amid allegations of sexual services by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk, the status of the Club Arena where prostitution and drugs are rampant has been revealed.

The MBC current affairs program “Straight” which aired on May 27th, covered allegations of singer Seungri and YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk’s sexual service.

The production team obtained testimony in July 2014 that YG provided sexual services to two Southeast Asian financiers, and reported the status of the Club Arena where prostitution and drugs are rampant.

Witnesses who were underage at that time said they received 300,000 won for selling s*x inside the club and 500,000 won for going out for the second round.

Drugs were rampant, too. The person said, “There must be syringes in the officetel. If you film porn while being high, you get about 1 million won”.

The woman continues, “It is to such an extent that finding drug is easier than cigarette, so Gangnam is really the worst. Some are in the room and some are in the club. I’m still paying back my (drug) debts”.

After this, many netizens are shocked and furious at the serious situation:

“Is this really true? I was so surprised to see this on the show. You’re not going to investigate this after all these allegations and testimonies come out? Is this really our country? Today’s broadcast is really shocking…”

“What did I just see? Is this really South Korea?…”

“I just couldn’t breathe after seeing this.”

“They could have just sent the kids who left home back to their home, or send them home what would have looked after them, but they didn’t. Instead they take a kids that are 14 year old and give them as sex services to Southeast Asian financiers. That’s not enough. She was even drugged. One million won for a sadistic pornographic shoot. The agency takes the profits from such sexual services. Does this make any sense? Is this Korea?”

Sources: nate

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