Amid the controversy, Sana’s smile at the fansign heals every fan’s heart

The female idol seemed brighter than during the past week.

On May 4th, TWICE has arranged a fansign for their latest album “FANCY YOU”. Even though Sana was seen crying at the “Music Bank” filming site, at the event with her fans, she seemed much more relaxed.

Sana continuously smile…

…even michievously sat on Chaeyoung’s lap…

…and took off her shoes to walk on bare feet at the fansign.

Seeing that her smile and aura is much more brighter, many netizens, especially TWICE’s fans, are estactic:

– “At last Sana is able to get rid of those negative things.”

– “Smile more Sana, you look pretty smiling.”

– “It’s such a relief that she’s more relaxed now.”

– “I’m happy because she’s happy.”

– “-Anyone knows why she was walking on bare feet?

-It’s because she doesn’t like the shoes she was wearing.”

Source: tinnhac

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