American novelist Stephen King mentioned his favorite line in ‘Squid Game’

The ‘master of horror’ Stephen King is also into ‘Squid Game’.

Stephen King wrote on his Twitter on October 15th (local time) that the lesson he learned from ‘Squid Game’ was “Shut your mouth and grab an egg”.

In Korean, Jang Deok-soo’s original line was “Let’s eat and survive together”. However, it was translated into “Shut your mouth and grab an egg” in the English subtitle. When asked if he got the vibe of ‘Running Man’ while watching ‘Squid Game’, he replied, “I thought of ‘Running Man’ and ‘The Long Walk’.”

Stephen King Squid Game

‘The Long Walk’ is Stephen King’s first full-length novel which he had begun writing and completed in 1966. Set in a dystopian America, which has become a totalitarian country, the story tells about 100 boys who participate in a national walking contest, ‘Long Walk’, and walk without rest until only one person is left.

Source: Daum

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