America Singer Oliver Tree Under Fired For Using Late Jonghyun’s Funeral Picture To Promote His Tour

K-pop fans were extremely indignant and asked the male singer to apologize.

Recently, many KPop fans got angry to discover that the funeral photo of the late artist Jonghyun was edited into a “meme” by Oliver Tree (who sang the hit ‘Life Goes On’). Specifically, Oliver Tree uploaded that photo on his official YouTube to promote his ‘Goodbye Farewell Tour’ in 2019.

Shinee jonghyun

At the time the image was posted, KPop fans requested a proper apology from Oliver Tree for using the late Jonghyun’s funeral photo to promote his tour. He later deleted the above post after receiving backlash from Kpop fans. However, so far, he has not apologized or acted with respect to the fans and the deceased.

Recently, this issue has been dug again. Kpop fans expressed their anger and repeatedly asked Oliver Tree to apologize.

Shinee jonghyun

Some comments from Knetizens on theqoo: 

  • “This came from a singer of the popular song on TikTok. I’m so upset just by reading this.”
  • “It seems he wants to gain traction from K-Pop fans.”
  • “Who tf laughs off using someone else’s funeral picture? Is he out of his mind? It’s not a stock picture.”
  • “Why is he using someone’s trauma to entertain his fans? I don’t want this to be a meme. I hope he could just leave Jonghyun alone.”
  • “Us getting upset is not ‘extreme fans overreacting’. This is a legitimate reaction of anyone with some common sense.” 
  • “Ha, it seems he deleted all his tweets regarding this incident.”
  • “K-Pop fan or not, regardless of his nationality, how could a human being be this inconsiderate?”
  • “Every single time when something like this happens, they say they didn’t mean it and we’re overreacting. I’m sick and tired of people using someone else’s trauma for their clout.” 

Meanwhile, Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer-songwriter, producer, rapper, comedian, and filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California. He signed to Atlantic Records in 2017, after his song “When I’m Down” became popular. His ‘Goodbye Farewell Tour’ was set to be held in 2019.

oliver tree

Source: AK

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