Amber Heard’s Twitter account disappears: Is it done by her ex Elon Musk? 

Amber Heard’s Twitter account no longer exists all of a sudden. Netizens question Elon Musk. 

On November 3rd (local time), Amber Heard’s official Twitter account was confirmed to be non-existent, drawing attention.

amber heard twitter

According to local media reports, Amber Heard’s Twitter account disappeared after Elon Musk became Twitter’s CEO last month.

When netizens search for Amber Heard’s account, it says that her account no longer exists. On the other hand, her Instagram is still running, and she has posted posts until June 2nd.

amber heard elon musk

Amber Heard and Elon Musk first met in May 2016 and broke up in August 2017. At that time, allegations of adultery were raised. However, after their split, the two said through Instagram that they decided to continue to be friends.

Then, in May 2018, Musk officially announced that he was in a relationship with singer Grimes. The couple had their first son in May 2020 and a second daughter in December 2021, but they divorced last year.

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