Although Korean dramas are often loved for their compelling storylines and beautiful casts, many of them still have a serious mistake!

The main characters in Korean dramas often appear with beautiful visuals. However, this is a serious mistake in the script.

Geum Jandi of Boy Over Flower is frequently condemned for being unattractive, inferior to the supporting female role, and undeserving of the male lead. However, both the drama’s character creation and Goo Hye Sun‘s appearance in real life are very prominent.

Goo Hye Sun

“Witch Yoo Hee”’s Han Ga In is characterized as an ugly girl who always wears black and fails to grab the attention of any man. But she’s far too beautiful for this role!

In Full House, the female lead Song Hye Kyo, from the male lead’s point of view, is an ugly, unattractive girl, so he also considers her as a maid. But, in fact, at Full House, Song Hye Kyo is extremely beautiful and attractive.

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo

My Princess‘ female lead is characterized as beautiful, but not as gorgeous as the supporting role, Park Ye Jin. It’s hard to understand when the female lead is Kim Tae Hee, who is always dazzling and younger than Park Ye Jin.

Kim tae hee
Park Ye Jin

In Personal Taste, Son Ye Jin is described as a normal-looking girl who doesn’t know how to dress and is unattractive. It’s true that in this drama, Son Ye Jin also has to wear weird clothes but looking at these photos, she’s still so pretty.

Son Ye jin
Son Ye jin

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