Although doing great in music charts, there are still controversies on TWICE’s line-distribution

There are many opinions which believe that TWICE is turning into ‘Na Yeon and friends’ because of the injustice in their line distribution.

With their new song ‘Fancy’, TWICE is achieving immense success in the intense April ‘battlefield’. Despite the fact that they are trying a brand new kind of music with a sexy concept, the girls are still doing a great job on domestic music charts.

‘Fancy’ took the first place on the ‘Melon’ chart leding to that fact that ‘Fancy’ has become the first song of a Kpop girlgroup to win first place on ‘Melon’ in the past half year. ‘Yes Or Yes’ had also achieved the same achievement in November last year. The other girlgroups such as BlackPink or Mamamoo did not have such a proud achievement like this in their last promotions. TWICE and BTS are trying to surpass each other to be in the first place of the digital music charts. Netizens are considering the two groups as the best groups of the 3rd generation of K-pop.

(TWICE surpasses Black Pink, Mamamoo in the chart)

However, the song has made a lot of controversies due to the unfair line-destribution. There are also opinions suppose that TWICE is now becoming the ‘Na Yeon and friends’ group. Despite the fact that Nayeon is just a lead vocal, her lines accounted for 28.6% with 52,8s out of the 3:33 length of the song. She sings the chorus along with Jihyo and is the one who sings most of the song. Meanwhile, Jihyo – the main vocal of the group just took charge of 29,9s (16,2%), less than half of the 1995 member, Nayeon.

There are many opinions which believe that JYP’s doing the wrong job in distributing the lines to the members based on their positions in the group. Jihyo is known for her strong and powerful vocal, but Na Yeon is the one who is taking charge of doing the hard and difficult parts of the song. 28,6% is too much for a member of a group of nine. Other girls like Ji Hyo and Jeong Yeon deserve to get more attention. Back in the debut era, Na Yeon used to be more favored by the company than some of the members, almost playing the role of Center in the group.

Despite a lot of controversies, there are still people who suppose that Na Yeon sings the most because her voice suits the style of the song. TWICE is famous for their bond so ONCE is calling for not having controversies that create internal division.

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