Already completed, rookie IVE is different from the start

As expected, they are different from other rookies from the start. 

Starship Entertainment‘s rookie group IVE‘s presence is nothing like any other girl group. Ahn Yoo-jin and Jang Won-young drew attention early on as they are making their re-debut after IZ*ONE, but they are sweeping the attention of the music industry right after their debut. At the same time, the overseas reactions for their new group are hot as well. As expected from Starship, it has launched a completely different rookie girl group from scratch.


IVE, which made its debut with “ELEVEN” on Dec 1st, is already drawing attention as a “already completed” rookie group as well as global fans’ attention. At the end of the first week of their debut, they announced the birth of a representative K-pop rising star in 2021 after drawing good responses with their high-quality stages. Not only Ahn Yoo-jin and Jang Won-young, but also Ga-eul, Rei, Liz, and Leeseo all did not look like rookies at all with their solid skills. The combination of the six members was perfect, too.

IVE has proven their solid skills and talent through their debut stage, fitting of their self-proclaimed title of a completed rookie group. Their stage proved that it was an elaborate debut, including a high-quality performance and an attractive debut song that well incorporated the team’s identity.


The attention poured out immediately after their debut was also a part of their influence. With the release of IVE’s “ELEVEN,” they entered the top of the real-time charts of major domestic music sites such as Melon and Bugs, and the music video exceeded 30 million views in just four days after its release. By setting such records for rookies, IVE has proven the attention they are receiving. The initial sales of “ELEVEN” exceeded 140,000 copies, showing off its potential.

In addition, interest regarding IVE in the global music market was also hot. With the release of “ELEVEN,” the group entered 22nd place on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and first entered 185th place on the Spotify Global Top 200 chart, which is the world’s largest music streaming site. In addition, they ranked seventh on China’s largest music platform QQ Music new song chart, and fifth on the daily chart, showing an unusual presence as a rookie.

IVE’s debut was highly expected earlier due to the joining of Starship rookie Ahn Yoo-jin and Jang Won-young. As expected, they were a completed rookie group that is different from the start.

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