Almost 600.000 fans petition for B.I to return to iKON

Fans still cannot accept the truth that B.I has left the group.

B.I’s controversy of using drug on June 12th is messing up the entire iKON’s fandom. Right after that, B.I voiced out his apology and withdraw from his group. YG Entertainment also confirmed the termination of B.I’s contract.

Last night, YG Japan – YG’s office in Japan has gave a statement related iKON’s upcoming activity in Japan. According to the announcement, the boys will still continue their “iKON Japan Tour 2019” starting from July 27th as a 6-member group.

The petition for B.I to return to iKON is widely supported.

iKONIC community (iKON’s fandom) was shocked and furious at B.I’s sudden withdrawal. They said YG’s terminating the contract only a few hours after the news got out is a very cruel action. Before this, the agency has encountered countless cases like this with G-Dragon, T.O.P, Park Bom, Kush,…) but YG didn’t cruelly cut everything off like how they did with B.I.

Fans are petitioning for B.I to return to iKON. “Please get this out for Hanbin or YG Entertainment to see! iKON and fans don’t want Hanbin to leave when he did nothing wrong. He doesn’t deserve to. Hanbin only mentioned he was thinking about drugs due to his pain, but NEVER took drugs due to being too scared”, iKONICs said. 12 hours after the petition was on, it has received almost 600.000 signs. Fans are changing their avatars into the red one which represents the strength and love of iKON and iKONIC.

YG’s stock price went downhill after B.I left the group.

Amid this, YG is still in the center of fans’ criticism as well as damage on the stock market. Yesterday, the agency’s stock price has fallen down 4,05% compared to the day before. ‘Till now, YG has lost about 30% of its market capitalization value, from 834,7 billion won to 581,4 billion won in just 1 month.

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