Recently, a netizen posted on Theqoo an article titled “all celebrities I liked went to prison”. The specific post is as follows: 

“All the celebrities I liked went to prison.

In my early elementary school days, I was a fan of Yoo Seungjoon (T/N: also known as Steve Yoo, he evaded his enlistment and is banned from entering the country). In my late elementary school days, I was a fan of Mickey Yoochun. During middle school, I was a fan of Kangin.  Between my middle~high school days, I was a fan of Bigbang Seungri.  During high school, I was a fan of Roy Kim and Jung Joonyoung (T/N: for the younger readers, these two blew up together because of Superstar-K). Nowadays, when I tell my friend “I kinda like this celebrity nowadays~~~”, they say that he will get imprisoned soon. I’m sad, the only person from the celebrities that I like who’s left is U-know Yunho”

Yoo Seung Joon’s singing career ended in 2002 when he was accused of evading South Korean mandatory military service by becoming a U.S. citizen.
JYJ’s Yoochun was arrested for using drugs
In November 2017, Super Junior’s Kangin was accused of drunkenly assaulting a woman at a bar
At the end of 2019, Bigbang’s Seungri got caught up in the “Burning Sun” scandal and then got a series of accusations such as prostitution, violence, gambling,…
Jung Joon Young has to face 7 years in prison for alleged rape and illicit filming
Roy Kim was mentioned as participants of Jung Joon Young’s Kakao Talk chatroom
Yunho was recently accused of going to an adult entertainment establishment, disobeying social distancing rules, and trying to run away from the police

It can be clearly seen the sadness of this netizen when so many celebrities, he/she likes have gotten involved in big scandals. In fact, in recent years, a series of idols and actors have been caught up in serious scandals such as drug use, prostitution brokerage, gambling,… These scandals shocked Kpop fans. They couldn’t believe their eyes when the celebrities that they always worshiped do such bad things. 

Below the post, many netizens also left comments, showing sympathy for the “OP”

1. She’s kinda similar to me? In my case, all of the idols I was interested in had a scandal and were kicked out of their group

2. Wow even U-know Yunho……… 

3. This is legendary, crazy… 

4. Wow I was laughing while scrolling down and got goosebumps at U-know Yunho 

5. Wow…. the last one is seriously.. but for me, everyone I had a bad feeling about or found weird always ended up causing a big scandal

6. This lineup is magnificent. They were all the final bosses of their groups! OP- ah, stop liking them, you’ll just end up heart broken 

7. Ah f*cking hilarious

8. Wow how can she get them all right up to the last one… so who does she like nowadays? 9. U-know Yunho, f*ck legendary 

10. All of the kids I liked ended up being kicked out in my case’

Source: Theqoo

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