All-rounder and unique Kpop idol – MAMAMOO’s Hwasa!

Hwasa is not only a talented idol but she has always been a very different part from most of the current K-Pop female idols.

All-rounder idol

As a member of MAMAMOO – a group famous for their singing ability, Hwasa has outstanding live singing skills.  Even in a poll for the best voice color, Hwasa easily achieved a position in the Top4, competing with other popular main vocals in K-Pop even though in MAMAMOO, Hwasa is not the main vocal.

Top idol kpop googleHwasa (MAMAMOO)

Although she does not have an extremely powerful voice like Solar or Wheein, Hwasa has a special low-pitched voice with intelligent song handling.  She knows how to create a highlight for each song.  Hwasa’s special voice is absolutely utilized in solo songs composed exclusively for the maknae of MAMAMOO.

Accompanying her signature vocals, Hwasa and Moonbyul also form a rapper-line with a distinct charm.  Her low, husky voice along with her flow style created the female idol’s own mark.  Both Hwasa’s vocal and rapping skills are highly appreciated and have received much support from the public.

Netizens suspect Hwasa and Wheein (MAMAMOO) were “played dirty” by the management company

Her comprehensive skills have brought many valuable opportunities for Hwasa, contributing to helping maknae of MAMAMOO get attractive combinations with other artists.  The common point of Hwasa’s collaborations is that most of the songs become hits and are extremely popular with the public.  Hwasa is also a familiar face on music charts when songs with her voice always have impressive rankings. 

One of Hwasa’s big hits is Don’t Give It To Me (ft. Loco), which was released in 2018. Together with Loco, Hwasa gave the audience a song with interesting lyrics.  The combination of the two was also very effective. Immediately after its release, the song achieved All-kill and Perfect All-kill certifications on music charts.

After the popular collaboration with Loco, Hwasa continued to set up another glorious victory with the Refund Sisters with the song Don’t Touch Me.  This is a project group formed after the reality show ‘How do you play?’ With the participation of 4 famous female artists: Lee Hyori, Jessi, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Hwasa.  After its release, Don’t Touch Me quickly all killed music charts and reached 130 PAK, making ‘Refund Sisters’ one of the girl groups with the most PAKs in K-Pop even though the group only has one song. 

One of Hwasa’s shows was Queendom.  At this show, Hwasa and MAMAMOO have blown a new wind into their careers by continuously experiencing many different genres of music.  No drama, no controversy, Hwasa, and Mamamoo have become the winner of Queendom thanks to their attractive and impressive performance skills.

A unique idol

Hwasa once said, “If I do not conform to current beauty standards, then I will become a different standard.”  Once being criticized for going against modern idol standards, Hwasa has now become a new fashion icon.

Hwasa’s unique and seductive beauty gradually becomes a new standard of beauty

Without white skin or a V-live face, Hwasa impresses viewers with tanned skin, a hot body with large hips and thighs but she is always confident when appearing as an idol.  Her fashion style is also cool with dark lipsticks and unique performance outfits.

Along with different fashion, Hwasa also has a strong personality to resist the prejudices imposed on herself.  Worth mentioning, her bluntness is not controversial but is also supported by the public. Currently, Hwasa is no longer “different from the standard” as she said, Hwasa now has become a different standard.

Source: HHT

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