All images related to Yunho (DBSK) have been removed by advertising brands after the scandal

Although SM has rejected the latest controversy about Yunho (DBSK), it seems that the reaction of the public is getting worse.

Yunho (DBSK) is famous as a Kpop idol with a clean and enthusiastic image for more than 17 years. However, now he is facing his first scandal and also the biggest scandal of his career. On March 9, the male idol was reported to have received a police investigation for violating Korea’s second level social distancing rules.

However, then things got more and more serious when a news report stated that Yunho was not simply ‘going to a restaurant but ‘went to an illegal adult entertainment venue’ and tried to run away from the police. These things have destroyed Yunho’s image in the public’s eyes and his career.

Specifically, in the news on the evening of March 12, MBC New Desk stated that Yunho was not going to a restaurant, but an illegal adult entertainment venue. Yunho stayed here for a drink with three acquaintances and a waitresses until midnight. In addition, the male idol’s friends fought with the police while the DBSK member is said to try to run away.

Soon, SM Entertainment denied this information and said that the male idol only went there because ‘his friends needed to confide in and they called him over’. They also confirmed that the male idol did not run away from the police but seriously accepted the investigation from the beginning.

After SM’s announcement, many fans chose to trust the male idol but Knets did not. They said the announcement given by the company was not clear. They think that the company tried to blame it all on Yunho’s friends. Some said Yunho was self-aware that the place he went to was an ‘illegal place’, others said that they would only believe the company if SM sued MBC.

The boycott wave is spreading more widely. Yunho’s career and image have been greatly affected. Most recently, many people stirred up when they found out that the ‘Yogiyo’ app removed Yunho’s image from in-app advertising right after the recent accusations appeared.

Yogiyo ‘is a Korean food delivery application. In November 2020, the app announced Yunho as the brand representative. Every time customers access the app, they will see Yunho’s promotional image first. In the picture is Yunho wearing a uniform with the slogan: “We keep up with the speed of taste”.

However, since March 13, users discovered that ‘Yogiyo’ removed Yunho’s promotional image. Instead, when accessing the application, users now see a picture of a fruit with the phrase, “Joy from here.”

Moreover, netizens discovered that the ads that Yunho filmed for ‘Yogiyo’ posted on the company’s official Youtube channel have all disappeared. When they checked the old link, they found that this brand had hidden all these videos.

Yunho’s previous promotional videos were posted on ‘Yogiyo’s’ Youtube channel …
… now were completely hidden

On March 14, Knet discovered that another brand had acted similarly. Food brand ‘Ottogi’ that Yunho is the representative of has removed both the promotional images and the promotional videos of the male idol on their official Youtube channel. This is the second brand to remove the male idol’s images after ‘Yogiyo’.

These incidents have become hot topics on social networks. Many Knet assert that this is the right decision of brands to avoid future damage. Others criticized Yunho for affecting these brands and their employees.

A Yunho’s advertisement for ‘Yogiyo’ was re-uploaded by fans. This video cannot be viewed on the official channel of the app.

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