All coming from Big3, but why can’t YG artists’ core fandom grow as strong as SM or JYP?

This is a topic that has recently been debated among Korean netizens, and it seems that everyone shares the same thought about the reason why YG fandoms cannot become strong after years of active.

 On online forums in Korea, there has been a fierce discussion over a special topic related to YG fandoms.  One thing that many people may have noticed for a long time is that although YG Entertainment’s artists have a high level of public recognition, they do not own huge fandoms like SM, JYP, or even some smaller companies.  From this fact, many people began to question: Why can’t YG fandoms grow bigger even with all the most favorable factors?

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

Knetz seem to agree that the reason why this agency’s artists’ fandom cannot strengthen is because of YG and Yang Hyun Suk himself. It is the company’s different development path, which in a certain aspect can be seen as “weird”, that has made YG artists’ fandoms, despite having much potential from the beginning, over time still cannot become powerful enough.

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

Moreover, the “imprisoning” artists for too long and not allowing them to make regular comebacks is one of the main reasons why their fandoms cannot grow. Of course, no fan wants to stan a group and never know when they will release new music and content. Over time, fans will also start to get bored and leave, while new fans are not interested in joining the fandom either.

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

 – “All that YG idols’ fans do is just wait and beg to see their bias. Nowadays, no one wants to stan a YG group.”

 – “YG is the reason why their fandom cannot grow. This is sad, because the company should have supported their artists to their fullest”

 – “Their artists have a long break, while the agency fake promises too much. And Yang Hyun Suk is fully aware of that! That’s why he told fans to communicate with him like friends, but he forgot that he was the CEO of a large company and should have acted like a true leader.”

 – “The company only knows how to “imprison” artists but never actually supports them. What about CL, Dara, Lee Hi and AKMU Soo Hyun? I heard that Chan Hyuk composed a lot of songs for his sister to go solo and promote by herself while he enlisted, but look where Soo Hyun is right now? And does anyone know any news about ONE? YG Entertainment is now like a black hole without anyone wanting to head down there “

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

 Besides, many people think that YG is wrong to focus on promoting one or a few members in a group, while the root of a strong fandom is the equal popularity among members. YG’s way of managing has inadvertently made the inner fandom deeply divided, causing the fandom to collapse quickly even when it was not strong enough.

 – “YG’s fandoms are divided heavily, and the reason lies in the way the company promotes each member. Who wants to join a fandom who has to wait for the idol’s comeback while arguing with other members’ fans about who is more mistreated by YG? “

 – “Usually, companies will push members one by one through each comeback like JYP is doing, but YG pushes only one member in each group, and I don’t even know if this is the right way to promote a group or not. Currently YG only has WINNER, iKON and Black Pink, but looking at the status of each group, you can soon know who will leave the company and who will stay if the groups disband in the near future “

 – “We all know YG will give a certain image to each member of the group, but they are clearly trying to make someone look bland and boring so that the public doesn’t care and will only focus their attention on the members the company wants to push “

 – “If they want the public to be interested in the whole group, pushing a single member is definitely not a smart move.”

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

 Some other opinions said that from the beginning, YG’s main goal was the general public, and that this company was not interested in building a strong fandom for their idols. They refused to follow the idol-like trends but only focused on creating strong groups digital-wise. This direction can become a double-edged sword, because everyone knows that huge fandoms can bring idols a huge profits and a long career even after they have passed their “golden period”.  

 – “Their main target from the beginning was the general public, not the fans. YG has no intention of taking care of their fandoms. Just look at all the recommendations and requests that fans send to the company, YG completely ignored them and never responded properly “

 – “If you want to make money with fandoms, you have to learn from SM. NCT doesn’t have high public recognition but their album sales are 300,000 copies for 127 and 200,000 copies for Dream.”

 – “Most groups that are strong digitally will not make a lot of money”

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP

 Netizens also believe that the incompetence of Yang Hyun Suk is also the reason why YG falls into a situation where they do not know how to build a strong core fandom for their artists.

 – “The leader of SM and Big Hit both graduated from Seoul National University. The leader of JYP graduated from Yonsei University. Obviously Yang Hyun Suk can’t keep up with them”

 – “Yang Hyun Suk has no idea how to build and stabilize fandom for his artists. Just look at Treasure, it seems that he has started to have the intention of creating a strong core fandom for them. But he is too struggling to know the right thing to do”

 – “I still remember very clearly how the influence and popularity of WINNER was when the group first debuted. Their fandom was so big that they could fill the Olympic stadium even when WINNER was just a rookie, not many groups could do this. But it was Yang Hyun Suk who destroyed WINNER’s fandom, and he obviously knew it. “

why can't YG artists' fandom grow as big as SM or JYP


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