DJ Alan Walker added Rosé’s “On The Ground” to his playlist on Spotify

Fans have discovered that the male DJ has added “On The Ground” to his playlist for fans around the world.

A few days ago, the world famous DJ Alan Walker, the author of many incredible hits like “Faded”, “Lily”, “On My Way”,…. has added “On The Ground” by Rosé on his Spotify playlist named W47K3R5-JO1N. This playlist includes songs selected by this famous DJ himself and created for the Walkers (Alan Walker’s fandom). There is no doubt that Rosé’s sweet voice has convinced the hearts of even the most famous music makers. This move has definitely excited their fans all around the world. 

“On The Ground” appears on Alan Walker’s Spotify playlist

On The Ground” is the first song of Rose’s solo debut campaign which was officially released on March 12 of this year. Up to now, the song has attracted more than 200 million views on Youtube and more than 120 million views on Spotify. The song has reached very high rankings on music charts of many countries around the world, marking a very successful solo debut of the talented girl from BLACKPINK.

Many music fans around the world are looking forward to a collaboration between these two popular artists. Their collaboration is sure to become a huge hit.

Source: Internet