Ahead of the release of Netflix’s new work “Glitch”… Mixed responses are pouring out over the “aliens” detail in the drama

Netflix’s “Glitch”, starring Jeon Yeo-bin and Nana, is arousing drama fans’ curiosity about its theme of UFOs and aliens.

Netflix’s new series “Glitch” has raised high expectations since the news of its production was first announced. It is because this work is jointly created by director Roh Deok (“Temperature of Love”, “The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”, and “SF8”) and screenwriter Jin Han-sae (“Extracurricular”). 

The story that the two will tell is somewhat unique. “Glitch” depicts the story that happens when Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin), who is trying her missing boyfriend, and Youtuber Heo Bo-ra, who deals with mysteries, approach a UFO.

Many people are looking forward to the release of “Glitch” as they commented, “I just writer Jin Han-sae”, “The most anticipated work this year”, “I respect the writer’s creative idea”, “There is no limit to this material”, etc. 

However, some showed negative responses, such as “The genre is boring”, “This material is so novel-like. This drama will be a flop”, “The alien design is so normal”, etc.

In this regard, director Roh Deok said that the main themes of the drama were faith and belief. Accordingly, the focus was on the characters’ relationships and emotions while tracking aliens, rather than the existence of aliens. 

As the question of whether aliens really exist or not is not an important point for viewing, then what does the protagonist believe in, and what makes her approach aliens?

Some speculated that the helmet worn by the aliens in the drama has a connection to the female lead’s memory. Since the logo on the helmet symbolizes the baseball team that disbanded a long time ago, this may indicate that the main character Ji-hyo, who has some missing memories during her middle school days, might have met aliens at that time. In other words, the helmet worn by aliens represents Jihyo’s bizarre experience as a middle school student, as well as an important symbol for her to trust and track the existence of aliens.

With the unique story about aliens, will Netflix’s “Glitch” continue the success of “Narco-Saints” and become a hit?

Source: wikitree

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