After tough days, Natty finally found a chance to debut

On April 6, Xportsnews revealed that the famous Thai trainee, Natty signed a contract with Swing Entertainment.

In response to the article, a representative of Swing Entertainment confirmed: “We have signed an exclusive contract with Natty and she is preparing to debut.” It is known that this company used to manage IZ * ONE, Wanna One, X1, Kim Jaehwan, Son Hoyoung.

So after days of frustration, Natty eventually found a new stop and had an opportunity to debut. Previously, the female trainee had a period of practice under JYP Entertainment. She was selected by the company to join the lineup of SIXTEEN, a survival show to form a new girlgroup. But, Natty was eliminated and could not debut in TWICE.

Leaving JYP, Natty was looking for a second opportunity in “Idol School” and was one of the most famous contestants, having a high ranking throughout the journey. However, luck did not smile at her. Along with Haein, Natty was unable to debut in the fromis_9 lineup. In addition, the fact that “Idol School” was manipulated also caused netizens to believe that the former JYP trainee was unjustly eliminated.

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