After the blurry debut, the comeback schedule of CUBE’s new girl group angered (G) I-DLE’s fans

CUBE’s intention to promote the new girl group while taking advantage of the popularity of (G) I-DLE angers the fans.

CUBE Entertainment – the home of BTOB, CLC, … – has long been famous for having many talented artists. The company is also said to be quite wise when it comes to using the help of long-term artists in promoting the juniors, typically the small group Triple H including “the sexy icon” HyunA, Hui (PENTAGON) and E’Dawn.

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Triple H

However, this approach is not always fully supported by fans. The latest case is a ballad girl group called A train to autumn.

A train to autumn including 4 members, Subin, Jihyeon, Ahyoung and Somi. The group debuted in November last year. However, at that time, CUBE only released the single “That Season You Were In” for the group and promote it on music shows without even introducing the members, making this debut very fuzzy and unremarkable.

“That Season You Were In” MV – A train to autumn

On February 25, A train to autumn had the first comeback in their career with the single “Farewell Again”. This time, CUBE strongly promoted the group and introduced the members to the media. However, the timing of the comeback is so close to (G) I-DLE’s comeback which (February 26) made fans angry.

“Farewell Again” MV – A train to autumn

(G) I-DLE’s fans’ discomfort is also understandable because usually, the same artists of the company will promote at least 1 week apart to avoid clashes and dispute on the chart. This makes (G) I-DLE’s fans think that the company is taking advantage of the group’s popularity to draw attention to juniors.

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CUBE chose a comeback schedule for the new girl group that is so close to (G) I-DLE’s comeback making fans angry

However, there are also sympathetic comments for this strategy of CUBE. Firstly, (G) I-DLE and A train to autumn pursue two different types of opposite music so they cannot obscure or affect each other. Secondly, mutual support between artists in the same company will help increase their engagement, the company also benefits because fandom is less likely to develop dispute in the long run. For the most obvious example, (G) I-DLE leader Soyeon composed the title song “No” for CLC and help CLC gain the first trophy four years after debut.

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Thanks to the contribution of the talented Soyeon, CLC has won the first trophy

On the other hand, the 2018 hottest rookie – (G) I-DLE is ready to return to the competition with the 2nd mini album “I MADE” and the title song “Senorita” released on February 26th. After launching the MV teaser, the group is expected to be more successful in the near future.

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(G) I-DLE is ready to come back soon with new music products
Teaser MV “Senorita” – (G) I-DLE

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