After Suga, BTS RM and Jin are also tested positive for COVID19

Jin and RM, members of the group BTS, were confirmed to have COVID-19.

Today, December 25th, Big Hit Music, BTS‘s agency, took on Weverse and announced, “BTS members RM and Jin were confirmed to have COVID-19 in the afternoon of the 25th.”

BTS RM and Jin positive for COVID19

Accordingly, RM was negative when he returned from the US (December 17), but today when he tested again before the end of the isolation period, he received a positive result.  Currently RM has no symptoms. Jin tested negative twice when he returned from the US (December 6) and before the quarantine was over.  However, this afternoon, the oldest member of the group had a cold, and the PCR test showed positive results.  Currently, Jin has a mild fever and is self-treating at home.

BTS RM and Jin positive for COVID19

The company said that the two have completed these two doses of the vaccine since August, areolating at home and have not been in contact with other members since returning to Korea. Up to now, BTS has 3 members infected with Covid-19: Suga, RM and Jin.  Big Hit Music is committed to trying their best to help them recover quickly.


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