After Sana, Nayeon became the subject of attack by the netizens for unbelievable reasons

Political controversies surrounding Sana’s Instagram post are being pushed further when other TWICE members are suddenly criticized.

Only from a seemingly normal post on Instagram, Sana (TWICE) suddenly became the subject of criticism from Korean netizens, mainly those who hate Japan. For many people, it is very common for a Japanese like Sana to share her feelings when her country enters a new era. But for Koreans, the country that has had political tensions that are not easy to erase with Japan, the caption that Sana wrote made them feel discontented and angry.


However, the controversy surrounding Sana’s post is becoming out of control when another TWICE member, Nayeon, is suddenly dragged into it. Despite being Korean, Nayeon is still attacked by some conservative and aggressive netizens. And the reason why she was criticized was that she… held Sana’s hand.

twice sana nayeon

After seeing the intimate photo of Nayeon and Sana (along with Momo) on the way to the “Music Bank” studio yesterday, some netizens who follow the Anti-Japanese sentiment left a comment: “The girl in a blue shirt (Nayeon) looks like a maid. Is she holding the hand of that Japanese girl before going to the stage?”,” I don’t like to use the word “maid” but seriously. is she Korean? She looks like she doesn’t know anything about the history of the country”,…

These ridiculous criticisms not only made TWICE fan community feel angry but even the majority of Korean netizens also felt helpless. Many people think that those who criticize Nayeon really have a problem, and it seems that they are only trying to attack her: “Let’s sue these people”, “Nayeon didn’t do anything wrong”, “I really want to know what happens to this bunch of people “, “They don’t have a brain or something?”,”These people are disgusting. They make me realize how difficult it is to be a female idol in this country “,” Is this what they call “patriotism”? That’s ridiculous “,” Honestly, these guys don’t know how to think straight. They’re psychopaths”,…


Many days passed but JYP Entertainment has not yet spoken about the controversy surrounding Sana. However, TWICE fans all over the world are still working together to make the most practical actions possible to encourage and cheer their idols in this difficult situation.

Sources: k14

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