After leaving PRODUCE48, Takeuchi Miyu announced her graduation from AKB48

 Takeuchi Miyu filmed a final live video on AKB48’s official Youtube channel before departing from the group.

In September 2009, Takeuchi joined the AKB48 family as a kenkyuusei (trainee). In December 2010, she teamed up with Team Unknown (a temporary team for members that increased their level or got transferred). Then in June 2011, Miyu moved to Team 4 and then to team B a year later.

Although Takeuchi Miyu has had a long journey with AKB48 through seven Senbatsu selections, her name was never called even once. It can be said that Takeuchi’s career is quite rampant despite being a talented girl.

Later, she participated in PRODUCE48 and took it as her last chance. In the show, her own talents helped her shine bright in every stage performance. However, the final 12 contestants didn’t include Takeuchi’s name, which was a shocking result.

Recently, Takeuchi has officially announced her graduation on AKB48’s official channel. This made AKB48’s fans as well as PRODUCE48’s fans extremely unsatisfied and disappointed. But they believe that Takeuchi will find a new direction, and the idea of debuting in Korea is not a bad one at all.

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