After HyunA, another K-POP artist got contract termination for rebelling and not listening to the agency

Because of his incidents related to feminism, Brand New Music announced contract termination with rapper San E.

Recently, rapper San E became the center of criticism of Korean women when he publicly touched on feminism, one of the themes considered extremely sensitive.

Controversy broke out when San E publicly posted a video of two women cursing men at a bar before they plunged into a fight. Netizens split into 2 sides. One side criticized the two women as “bullies” and there were words offensive men. One criticized San E for posting the hidden camera on social networks. San E‘s “Feminist” song also made netizens angry, referring to women’s lack of obligations and a variety of sensitive issues.

Not stopping there, in the annual music festival of Brand New Music Company, San E has caused trouble for the company at the end of the concert. He approached an anti-fan and asked, “Do you hate me?” Shortly thereafter, San E shocked people when directly naming two of Korea’s largest feminist communities:

“Is there any WOMAD or Megalia’s member here? I have something to tell you guys. You are not feminists. You are psychopath and problem of the society.” These words from San E made Brand New Music have to immediately apologize to the public. Yesterday (Dec 6th), the agency has had a meeting with San E. After that, they had decided to terminate the contract with this rapper.

Feminism in South Korea is a very sensitive topic. More and more Korean women start to hate the misogynistic society. They founded feminist groups and fought for women’s rights. However, some of the feminists have become extreme in their action. Of course, this mindset receives lots of opposition from men. Being such a debatable problem, not many artists have the guts to take on this matter.

Source: tinnhac

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