After famous fancams, 10 billion bangs, now BLACKPINK Lisa’s dancing feet also go viral for being so cute

Recently, on social media, a clip with focus cam emerged on BLACKPINK member Lisa’s dancing feet on the Pretty Savage stage. The clip became viral because of the cuteness and uniqueness of the creator. The frame only captures the lower part of her dancing feet but makes viewers unable to take their eyes off.

Besides the cuteness, the decisive and flexible movements of Lisa’s feet are also captured through the clip. After watching, the fans complimented both her cuteness and her dancing skills:

But actually, Pretty Savage choreography is really cool!
The clip earned 782 thousand views on TikTok

After the 10 billion bangs, the fancams that are at the top of Kpop views, now her lovely feet are also attracting attention.  Undoubtedly, every Lisa-related thing goes viral!

Source: K14