After changing her new hairstyle, JooE was praised by netizens as MOMOLAND’s new visual

The latest images of JooE make those who previously insulted her appearance have to change their opinions.

Before the debut with MOMOLAND, JooE received a lot of attention thanks to her beautiful selfie photos. However, after becoming an idol, her attractiveness has gradually decreased. Eventually, netizen even criticized her for her look and labeled her as “the ugliest female idol” in the history of K-pop.

JooE was labeled as “the ugliest female idol in Kpop’s history”

However, lately, JooE was suddenly praised by netizens for her total transformation with the traditional dark hair. Black seems to be the color which goes well with JooE, helping the MOMOLAND member to enhance her beautiful appearance. Everyone was surprised to see a very beautiful and feminine JooE with her new black hair. Even though fans thought that JooE will keep this long hairstyle for a while, recently, she changed her hairstyle again and continued to receive even more praises from netizens.

Black hair makes JooE look more beautiful and feminine

More specifically, when JooE posted her latest selfie images, fans realized that JooE no longer had dark hair and she has changed into a new hairstyle. Notably, this hairstyle looked even better on JooE than the previous beautiful black hair. Once labeled as “the worst female idol in history”, JooE has now transformed into an incredibly beautiful girl. Many netizens wondered why the MOMOLAND member did not have this hairstyle earlier because it was perfect for her facial features.

JooE’s latest selfies made stunned many netizens and they constantly wonder why she didn’t have this hairstyle sooner
JooE is now much more beautiful than before

In addition to the praises for JooE‘s beautiful look, there are also comments that all of these pretty images are possible thanks to the makeup and photo app, as well as JooE‘s great selfie techniques. However, it’s impossible to deny that the present JooE has become much more beautiful than before.

Source: Yan News

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