After BLACKPINK Jennie, gay male star Aaron Yan received rude messages for following BTS V on Instagram

Some celebrities are getting unnecessary hate or impolite remarks after BTS’s V launched his personal Instagram account 2 days ago. 

On December 7, 2022, KPop fans was in chaos because of the fight between the two fandoms of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie. After V mistakenly followed Jennie on Instagram, Jennie‘s fans expressed frustration and accused V of causing trouble for the female idol, while V’s fans left negative comments on Jennie‘s Instagram, telling her to “leave V alone”. 

While the fanwar has yet to subside, another celebrity continued to get dragged into a controversy related to V. After following V on Instagram, Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan unexpectedly received rude direct messages from a netizen. The conversation is as follows:

Netizen: Do you find V handsome? Do you think that V has big butts?

Aaron Yan: Well, his body shape is originally not a skinny type.

Netizen: V’s body is very thin, only his butts are big.

After the netizen’s second message, Aaron Yan did not know how to react and only replied with an awkward smiling emoji.

The screenshot of this conversation has enraged many netizens after it was shared online. Here are a few comments: “Aaron Yan must have felt awkward”, “That person was sexually harrassing V”, “Those messages are rude and unneccessary”,. ..

Over the last 2 days, V has continued to get involved in meaningless drama 
Over the last 2 days, V has continued to get involved in meaningless drama 

On the other hand, Aaron Yan, who came out as gay in 2018, was recently accused of having slept with a minor, even filming explicit footage. Regarding this accusation, Aaron admitted to the accusation and apologized to the victim, but explained that he was in a relationship back then and every action was consensual between him and his then-underage partner.

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