After BlackPink swapping their singing – rapping parts: Don’t let Rose rap anymore

Recently, BlackPink members swapping their parts on an encore stage, and after this special stage, fans can’t help shaking their head.

BlackPink’s “DDu-Du DDu-Du” has achieved many good results and been nominated for weekly music shows. So, when asked about what they would do when they win No.1 at the radio show Young Street of SBS, Jisoo responded: “I like the other members’ rap parts a lot, so I want to swap parts and do it as I want to”.
BlackPink won the No.1 cup
As their promise, when winning the 2nd cup for “DDu-Du DDu-Du” on Inkigayo, the vocal line including Jisoo and Rosé did the rap parts, making Lisa, Jennie and their fans laugh their head off. The girls transformed a swag song into a weird one. BlackPink members tried their best to “entertain” everyone by imitating other members’ voice.
The girls gave fans a wild laugh
However, it’s regrettable that Jisoo was so embarrassed that she couldn’t act as cool as the original member, as for Rosé, she forgot the rap lyrics, so her part was somehow incomplete.
Fans were quite please with the “legendary” rap parts of Jisoo and Rosé, so they left some comments like this:
[+341; -20] Rosé’s ambitious to become of a rapper has exploded
[+337; -25] YG’s tradition… main vocals dream to be rappers
[+209; -14] From now on, call her a rapper
[+26; -7] When you desire to be a rapper but can’t remember lyrics
[+20, -5] Don’t let Rosé rap anymore, otherwise, I’ll have a heart attack
Do you feel that Jisoo and Rosé can manage to become the main rappers of BlackPink in the future?

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