After a lovely moment, fans are “shipping” B.I (iKON) and Yeri (Red Velvet)

On May 10, the Law of the Jungle reality show held a press conference to launch a new season in Thailand. Yeri (Red Velvet) and B.I (iKON) are among the invited artists to attend this show. At the press conference, the two idols had lovely interactions that made many fans “shipping” them.

B.I and Yeri took photos in funny poses in the press conference.
After filming together, the two idols have a close relationship.

During the Law of the Jungle show, the guests had to spend many days on the island without any support. They have to find their own food, make accommodation and challenge their survival skills. B.I and Yeri belong to team 2 with actresses Lee Seung Yoon and Hwang Seung Eon, actors Heo Kyung Hwan and Song Won Seok.

At the press conference, both B.I and Yeri laughed when they confessed that they were extremely “useless” during the show. “Without a teammate, I will not survive after 5 minutes,” Yeri said. Besides the interesting content, this season attracted many fans thanks to the interactions of B.I and Yeri. Many people have high expectation for the chemistry between the young stars and look forward to interesting stories in the show when it’s broadcasted.

Some commented: “Yeri is like a lovely and trustworthy friend for B.I. I remember that SM’s staff and Yeri helped B.I a lot on the first day in Thailand”; “So cute. I support them dating”; “If they become a couple, it will be very hot”; “B.I isn’t very close with girls but it seems Yeri has helped him to integrate very quickly” …

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