After 2 weeks full of Kris Wu’s scandals, whoever answered these 8 super “lucky” questions correctly is surely the best

If you’ve been rolling with tons of dramas surrounding Kris Wu’s scandal for the past half month, try this quiz to see if you’re sober enough?

In just half a month, the shocking scandals of Kris Wu (Wu Yifan) have dominated all major and small newspapers not only in China but also the whole world. Too many witnesses at the age of nineteen and twenty stand out to accuse the male singer of flirtation, seducing minors with lewd and scary messages.

If you are confident to be Cbiz’s fan, try answering these 8 questions that are “not-that-difficult”. Hey, remember to zoom in carefully on the questions and answers because they are so confusing.

Now, let’s do it!

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