After 1 year, JungKook has had the first solo livestream, which made fans crazy

Jungkook (BTS) excited Army when appearing with a super handsome and cool appearance.

On the afternoon of October 21, Jung Kook (BTS) suddenly made a personal livestream. 

This is the first time that the male idol has broadcast live with fans after more than a year since the last livestream on June 19, 2019. The male idol appears with a bad boy look due to his unique hairstyle. Fans “went crazy” because ofthe BTS’s maknae live chat. The keyword “Jung Kook” is at No. 1 on global Twitter trending with more than 900,000 tweets. Also, hashtags related to that livestream such as “Jung Kook live”, “Jung Kook is live”; “I purple You” … arealso in the top trend with lots of interaction.

During the livestream, Jung Kook shared about BTS’s upcoming album, the plan to raise long hair, and the solo stage “My Time” in the recent online concert. This is also a live that made up for fans for breaking their birthday promises (as is customary, BTS members will go live on live chat on their birthdays).

Jungkook shared that a portion of the new music video was personally filmed by him. He said: “Firstly, it was really hard. Mmm…it’s my first time doing something like this. I started taking videos and editing them, out of curiosity at first. Taking videos and editing is fun, so I did it in my spare time.”


The maknae of BTS also shared that he is raising his hair. Jungkook also revealed he had a problem with his hair while performing the stage “My Time”.

With Jung Kook’s new long hair style, fans are anxiously waiting for the concept of the BE album. In the first teaser photo released on October 19, BTS appeared with rather simple looks, but fans thought there would be “hidden” surprises that be about to be revealed. Before that, BTS surprised fans many times because the concept images and the official MVs were completely different.

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