Afraid of worrying fans, Suga (BTS) quickly updated his health situation

Suga sent a very special letter to fans.

On November 6, fans were extremely surprised because a member of boy group BTS – Suga had to have surgery because of a shoulder injury. Specifically, BTS’ agency confirmed the news in a statement posted to their Weverse app earlier today (November 6). “Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3,” they wrote, confirming the operation was a success and that he was “currently resting and recovering”.

After that, Suga uploaded a message on his Weverse account to apologize and thank the fans for their attention. In addition, the male singer also reassured the fans that the surgery went well. He also shared about what happened:

“Hello, this is Suga.

After the announcement, many people were worried, and so I’m sorry and really grateful..!

Thankfully, the surgery went well. My current state is that I do feel some pain, but I’m very relieved. Since I perform as part of my job, I tried to avoid the surgery as much as I could and endured with rehabilitation and shots. However, I was afraid because it kept getting worse again whenever I’d perform. So after three out of four hospitals said that it would be good to do the surgery considering my condition, I had the surgery.. (I really agonized over it a lot..!) I won’t be able to take part in scheduled activities for the time being so I feel sorry toward the members and to ARMY. I think it’s such a shame too. I’ll be away for a bit so that I can recover as soon as possible, but I’ll be back soon. It won’t be that long! Once again, I’m sorry and thank you, ARMY!”

At the end, Suga also apologized for not being able to participate in BTS’s upcoming promotions. It is known that the group will release the BE album on November 20.

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