Affectionate posts by Kim Mi-soo’s father to support his daughter’s acting activities in the past were recalled

Cheering posts from the late Kim Mi-soo’s father to his daughter is drawing attention.

kim mi-soo
kim mi-soo

Mr. Kim, Kim Mi-soo’s father, usually posted photos of his daughter’s activities on Instagram to support her. In 2019, when Kim Mi-soo debuted on the small screen with JTBC’s “Festa: Human Luwak”, he also wrote posts to promote the drama.

In February 2019, he posted, “My daughter Mi-soo will appear as Cha Yeon-ji, younger sister of the main character Cha Yu-ri (Kim Tae-hee), in tvN’s drama ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’. She has often acted in independent films or one-act plays, but this is her first time participating in a mini-series”, adding, “The first episode will be aired at 9 P.M. Please look forward to it”. The attached photo showed Kim Mi-soo’s smiling brightly alongside the script of “Hi Bye, Mama!” caused great regret.

kim mi-soo

Kim Mi-soo’s father also posted photos and articles of her during interviews after “Hi Bye, Mama!” ended. “Please look forward to it nicely”, he expressed his affection for his daughter. His last post was uploaded in June last year to announce the news of Kim Mi-soo’s appearance in KBS 2TV’s drama “Into the Ring”. He wrote, “It seems like she has plates a pretty important role this time”, adding, “Please watch it a lot”.

Kim Mi-soo passed away yesterday. The mortuary was set up on the 5th floor of the Taeneung Sungsim Funeral Service Hall in Gongneung-dong, Seoul. The funeral cortege will leave on Jan 7th. Her agency, Landscape Entertainment said, “The bereaved family members are currently really heartbroken by this sudden sad news”, adding, “We sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading rumors and speculations so that the bereaved family members who are in shock and sadness can reverently commemorate the deceased.” They continued to announce, “The funeral will be held quietly and privately at the will of the bereaved family. We want to send our deepest condolences on the deceased’s last journey.”

kim mi-soo

Kim Mi-soo graduated from the Korea National University of Arts. She has gained quite a lot of acting experience on theater stages and in independent films. In JTBC’s weekend drama “Snowdrop”, she played Yeo Jung-min, a 4th-year student at Hosu Women’s University majoring in history. “Snowdrop” was completely produced and the filming was finished before its broadcast. The production team will discuss whether to air the footage of Kim Mi-soo or not with the bereaved family.

Snowdrop” is said to be Kim Mi-soo’s last work, but in fact, she was in the middle of the filming for Disney Plus’s drama “Sixth Sense Kiss”. The production team canceled the filming the previous day. Landscape Entertainment said, “She filmed ‘Sixth Sense Kiss’ 2 days ago and has many scheduled activities.”

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