aespa’s “Next Level” is banned during college entrance exams for being too addictive

12 years ago, SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” became a “banned” song during the entrance exam since it’s too addictive. “Next Level” also falls into the same situation.

The National University Exam is only held once a year. Therefore, of course, studen not should not fail just because of one song.  Following SHINee‘s super hit “Ring Ding Dong”, aespa’s new song is also in danger of being on the blacklist during this year’s university exam and possibly in the following years.  It sounds serious, but really, the addictive melody is the reason why both songs were put on the “unofficial” banned list above.

One music critic commented on “Next Level”; saying “My whole body started to get excited as soon as Karina’s first line ‘I’m on the Next Level’ came out.  The vibrant rhythm sticks to the listener’s ears and the melody just keeps ringing in their head.”  It’s hard to deny this comment, even if you’re not a fan of aespa.  The song has a slightly fantasy-oriented music material. Despite having the content about a journey in a new worldview, it easily impress listeners.

Listen to aespa’s ‘Next Level’ here:

In addition to the mix, “Next Level” is also a representative product of the genre “SMP”. This is a combination of music, choreography, and expression only in SM’s songs.  In fact, “Next Level” is a remake of the OST of the movie “Fast and Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw”. However, the final version is a remix that combines many genres of songs that SM has been experimenting with.  Although the beat of “Next Level” was extremely trendy at first, the mix is ​​even more impressive when it mixes many different tunes.  In addition, the attraction of this song is the feeling of nostalgia, reminiscent of SM’s old songs from previous generations of K-pop groups such as DBSK, BoA, and even S.E.S.

That’s also why many SM fans really can’t help but love this song too much.  However, the fact that the song “Next level” will still not escape the scene of being on blacklist during the exam period.

Source: Billboard

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