aespa Winter confesses about her dust allergy, “When the air gets worse, my allergy comes up”

aespa member Winter revealed that she is allergic to dust.

On May 23rd, the Youtube channel of W KOREA uploaded a video titled “The common view of aespa members’ rooms? It’s very familiar”.

Winter’s profile written by NingNing was released that day and NingNing picked “Kim Min Dong” as her favorite Winter’s nickname.


This nickname was given by Karina. Regarding the story behind the nickname, Winter said, “During our trainee days, Karina said I didn’t stay still whenever she saw me so she gave me the nickname ‘Kim Min Dong’. She also called me ‘potato’.”

NingNing then wrote “dust allergy” as the thing she doesn’t want to resemble Winter. Winter explained, “When the air gets worse, my allergy comes up even when I stay still. It’s like an air allergy. I hope none of you experience similar things.”


Regarding her role of “Armamenter” in aespa’s worldview, Winter said, “During a pre-debut interview, I mentioned that I enjoy watching action movies. Then suddenly, they made me shoot a gun, perform action acting with wires, and the scale became so huge in the teaser. I only said I like action movies”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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