aespa reported regrettable news, netizens showed mixed response 

aespa member Ningning informed fans of a delay in the group comeback 

On September 1st, a Chinese netizen posted their video fancall with aespa Ningning on the Chinese social platform Weibo. In the video, the netizen asked Ningning, “When will you comeback this year?”

Hearing this question, Ningning replied: “The company plan has changed this year. So I think we won’t be making a comeback until next year.”

Fans, both domestically and internationally, expressed regrets at this comeback postponement. Some other netizens, however, showed a different reaction, and explained that the comeback delay might be for the better.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The postponement is inevitable, seeing that we will have the World Cup in November and award ceremonies at the end of the year
  • So originally they’d come back once more this year, such a pity 
  • Wasn’t “Girls” also delayed for a few months? This is such a shame
  • It seems that SM is now in a situation where they have been pushing back everything
  • It’s sad that they won’t make a comeback, and they were doing so well too…

Previously on July 8th, aespa released their 2nd mini album “Girls”, which sold over 1.1 million physical copies within the first week of sales. This makes them the best-selling female Kpop artist in the 1st week.

Source: wikitree

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