aespa NingNing’s Halloween look reminds many netizens of BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

aespa NingNing is even called the “new generation’s Jennie” by many fans because the rookie idol’s face and aura bear a striking resemblance to her senior. 

On October 31, the photos taken of aespa’s NingNing at SM Halloween House has garnered much attention. The youngest member of aespa impressed netizens when she dressed up as the elegant black swan, by wearing a stunning tiara, a black ballet dress, a bold smokey eye makeup and red lips.

NingNing grabbed much attention at SM’s 2021 Halloween party
aespa ningning
aespa’s maknae dressed up as a classy black swan

The female idol born in 2002 completely stood out with her graceful visual. Fans have left many comments to compliment NingNing’s appearance, calling her the “queen” of the Halloween party.  After a year of debut, NingNing has been getting prettier day by day. However, there are some comments saying that NingNing dressed up as… BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Last year, during BLACKPINK’s promotion of Lovesick Girls, Jennie also once showed off her gorgeous beauty in a similar black swan-inspired outfit on one of the stages.

Kpop fans fell in love with Jennie’s “black swan” look during a performance in October 2020
aespa ningning
And now it’s NingNing’s turn to impress fans in a similar look

NingNing shows such a noticeable resemblance to Jennie that some fans even joke that it looked like “Jennie has gotten into SM”, and express their interest at the similarity between the two female idols. However, there are still netizens who feel uncomfortable. Not only is it a coincidence in similar styling, but NingNing has been mistaken for her senior from YG several times because of their similar “it girl” aura. This is not the first time NingNing “accidentally looks like Jennie”, giving some netizens who already have a grudge against the aespa member even more reason to accuse her of “copying” Jennie. 

aespa ningning
Some fans jokingly said that NingNing went as Jennie to the Halloween party
aespa ningning jennie
Many netizens are uncomfortable when NingNing is constantly compared to Jennie for looking alike 
  • To me, no idol can surpass Jennie’s aura. But it looks like NingNing is starting to be able to.
  • aespa’s NingNing and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are the two sexiest black swans in Kpop.
  • Jennie and NingNing look like they could pass up as sisters, they look so similar 
  • Am I the only one who gets uncomfortable when NingNing constantly reminds us of Jennie like this?
  • NingNing’s face is inherently similar to Jennie, but wearing this dress makes her look even more like Jennie. 
aespa ningning jennie
Since debut, NingNing has always been compared to Jennie 
aespa ningning jennie
The aespa member is said to have cat eyes and “mandu” cheeks that are similar to her senior in BLACKPINK 
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